Somalia Issues US Travel Advisory

The Federal Republic of Somalia has issued a travel advisory to their citizens to avoid travel to the United States and to take precautions if travel cannot be avoided. They noted the sustained civil unrest and roving bands of militias in their warning.

The Deputy Foreign Minister stated, “The political climate is very dangerous as the rivaling warlords are attempting to seize and hold power. Of the two warlords with the most support, one is Donald Trump who is currently in charge and the other is the former Vice Warlord, Joe Biden who is attempting to retake the presidential palace.” The democratic process is yet to yield a result and is expected to be hotly contested. The Minister added, “It is doubtful that even half of the population will accept the results.”

The civil unrest that has occurred over the summer of 2020 because of government militias engaging in extra judicial killing of civilians has been building up for some time and is not expected to subside anytime soon. It is expected to carry over into the election process even though many of the rioters are supporters of the former Vice Warlord, who was the architect of many of the laws that promoted the targeting, arrests,and extra judicial killings. The Minister warned, “We are advising that our citizens avoid these government militias as they are prone to violence and also have a practice where they seize the means of production without a trial. They call it ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture.'”

“Here in Somalia, we know about warlords, civil unrest, and roving militias.” the Minister added. “We are concerned for the safety of our people and they should not have this experience outside of of their own borders.”

The government of Somalia has issued a ban on American citizens entering the country until the American landscape stabilizes. The Amnesty & Asylum For American Libertarians program is on hold pending a review of the Council of Ministers.

Author: Lou Sander

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