Hillary On The Run

Washington DC has been under a military occupation for much of the new year. 20,000 National Guardsmen have been deployed to provide security for the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden as the new American Premier. It turns out that their mission is two-fold.

Military officials have announced that these troops are also establishing a perimeter while Covert Operators are engaged in a manhunt for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, the outgoing Premier, is trying to make good on his promise of, “Hillary For Prison” before he ends his term of service. He has deployed an entire unit of the Special Ranger Delta SEAL Force. They are flying Blackhawk and Little Bird helicopters over the nation’s capital searching for the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State in an effort to bring her to justice.

LTC Fu Ling Yu, the Public Affairs Officer for JSOC announced, “We are scouring the city and will leave no stone unturned. We have had several anonymous tips from an older sounding gentleman with an Arkansas accent. He provided us with all of her secret phone numbers to track her.”

Mrs. Clinton’s last known location was on the edge of a swamp. The aviators were tracking her heat signature but, with this being winter time, she can find a cozy area, slow her heartbeat, lower her body temperature, and go into hibernation until Spring or the next election cycle. There are plenty of crickets and other food options for her to sustain herself indefinitely.

Author: Lou Sander

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