Facebook Bans Every User

In Silicon Valley last night, the computer network that monitors and analyzes the traffic across Facebook went into its screen saver. Ten minutes later, it went into sleep mode. This has never happened before… but Facebook has never before put every single user on a seven day ban for “hate speech” either.

Halfway through Hate Week 2020, the system has overloaded itself with enforcement of terms of service violations. “We are experiencing two separate things coming together here.” said Fu Ling Yu, the chief engineer for AI and Thought Control. “On one hand, you have the Community Standards that are already established to maintain a narrow range of allowable opinions. On the other hand, there is the AI that constantly learns through experience and adds new violations to the community standards as people report posts as offensive.”

He went on to explain that this was never anticipated and is the result of different factions “canceling each other” by reporting posts and comments as offensive to the point that everything became offensive and a violation of Community Standards. “Unfortunately, even we are locked out of the system as there is no provision for appeal anymore.”

Users will not see any posts from friends, pages, or groups until after the election. Instead, the newsfeed will show an uninterrupted stream of reminders to vote, inappropriate Wish ads, and items that they have spoken to their friends about while not using Facebook. Other than the inability to post or comment, most will not notice any differences.



Author: Lou Sander

2 thoughts on “Facebook Bans Every User

  1. I’m banned until the 18th of November 😂 I’ll talk to you guys then. Im sure the country will have taken a giant shit on itself after November 3rd.

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