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Jeffrey Tucker At Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest 5

Jeffrey Tucker was in Michigan, not far away from the Fest, so he dropped in. He gave his presentation and was part of the Anarchy Round table Here is his presentation. Episode 5 Music: 28 Aussens@iten by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative…

Dayna Martin And Radical Unschooling At Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest 5

Dayna Martin  came out to the 5th Annual Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest last year and we discussed radical unschooling andpeaceful parenting.   Check out her YouTube Channel    This is her presentation at MPLF 5   Episode 4 Music: 28 Aussens@iten by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright…

Joseph Moutard with Matt and Annette at Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest 5

I sat down with Joseph Moutard who was in charge of booking speakers. He discussed what goes into getting a great lineup. Matt and Annette were first timers that shared their observations and the importance of raising happy, balanced children.   Episode 3 Music: 28 Aussens@iten…

Dyreka, Hoa, Tammy & Thomas at Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest 5

I had a chance to talk to some of the the folks that came out to visit the Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest for the first time. I spoke with Dyreka Klaus, Lâm Châu Hòa, and Thomas and Tammy Hough.   Episode 2 Music: 28 Aussens@iten by…

MPLF 7 June 20-24, 2019

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